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ok, so chemo

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Was feeling like shit last night so I went to bed at about 10:30pm, which is real early for me.  Slept ok, not great but not worse than it’s been for the last month/month and a half and better than I did the night before.  Had to get up at 7am, WAY earlier than usual.  Wanted to give myself extra time to eat before going and do the few things I’m supposed to.  They prescribed some cream with pain killers in it that I’m supposed to put a lump over my port and then put suran wrap over it and go like that.

Got to the office ontime at 9am, or close enough.  Waited a little while and then was brought to the room, their was a nice old guy and his 30-something daughter there that talked quite a bit while they (more…)

I was wrong about which one would hurt more

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Well, over time the port and the incision by it started hurting more than the one up by neck.  Makes sense I guess, since their’s more tissue and whatnot that is displaced and messed with.  It wasn’t super terrible but did suck pretty good last night when I was just taking Tylenol but sleeping was alright with the Norco.

Last night and today both incisions at random keep itching and I almost start to go itch them but then remeber it’s going to hurt like a bitch if I do that.  I did totally forget one time and started to itch my port area… bad times.  Been just taking Tylenol today and have been doing alright.  As I went to lay down to go to bed last night I realized they’re going to be messing with the port and putting a neddle in it and whatnot and was like, “Oh, shit, hope it feels way better by thursday!” But it seems decently better today than it was yesterday, so shouldn’t totally suck on thursday.

got back from having the port put in

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Got to the hospital and went to radiology where Dr. Dragon’s nurse said the echo cardiogram was, didn’t seem right to me but figured she knew.  Well, the echo cardiogram was in cardiology or whatever, but that was like barely down the hall, so no big deal.  The nurse had me lay on my side with no shirt on and she squirted a bunch of lube on a phallic thing and rubbed the thinger on my chest then on my ribs on the left side and then for a little in the middle right my ribs and above them at my neck.  The machine it’s self was pretty cool, shitload of switches and buttons and a track ball in the (more…)

quick update and good news

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Had an appointment with Dr. Dragon today to go over where I’m at and what treatment I’ll be going with and whatnot.  Well, from the CT scan he said (maybe not in these exact words) that I wasn’t as bad as he thought.  I do have lumps in my chest and abdomen but they aren’t bulky, I only have bulky ones on my neck.  He said he was going to go with the regular treatment instead of the more aggressive treatment that has more potential for side effects, like a higher chance of infertility and like 1-3% chance of leukemia in 10 years.  So definitely good that it’s not as bulky everywhere else (which was his expectation and that their’s no reason to go with the more aggressive treatment that has more potential problems.

I start chemo on Thursday.  They have to put in a port (also called port-a-cath) in first, it will be in my chest below my collarbone.  It’s a thing they put the needle for the IV into that has a tube that goes into a big vein in my neck/chest that goes straight to my heart (think they said jugular).  It’s a surgery procedure obviously, the port ends up under the skin.  It’s to save your arm veins from being affected by the chemo.  You saw what the IV from the CT scan’s meds did, chemo would obviously be worse so putting the port in is the best option.  The port’s getting put in on monday.  I have to get a breathing test and an echo cardiogram as well.  The echo cardiogram will be monday before the port, the breathing test is on wednesday.

some doctor’s really do care and go the extra mile

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

As I’ve said before, I have no insurance but treatment at the hospital I ended up picking is going to be covered under charity care through the clinic at a 100% discount.  So I’ll have no out of pocket expenses doing anything through that hospital, which is totally amazing.  Dr. Leon Dragon apparently made it happen.  He’s been pushing for me the whole time basically.

Pretty sure I’ve said this but I’ll say it again.  A friend of my parents had some kind of lymphoma (some kind of non-hodgkin’s lymphoma) and saw Dr. Dragon for treatment and has been fine for like (more…)

did the CT scan earlier today

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Did the CT scan earlier today.  Drank the “smoothie” thing last night like I was supposed to and like I said in a comment it wasn’t that bad.  The thing I had to drink this morning was worse, not quite bad enough for me to kinda gag on it but was close.  At least I got to dilute it in some water and at least it was only 8oz of liquid total I had to get down.

Got to the hospital and they did some stuff on the computer then gave me a gown and showed me where the men’s locker room is.  I went to put the gown on and it was way (more…)

more fun with payment for biopsy, at least it’s probably good news

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Well, I just opened a another bill I got today from the hospital I had the biopsy at, this time it was dated January 9th (rather than December 30th) but the most important and odd thing is that it says I owe nothing.  So apparently I actually am approved for charity care so whether they can get me medicaid or not I should be fine.  Oh, they basically can’t get me medicaid, I’m not young enough, not old enough, don’t have kids or dependants, and am not disabled or about to die from the disease very soon, so I’m out of luck.  I’ll call again tomorrow and see wtf the deal is, but definitely a good sign.

internet ftl

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

my blog is barely over 24 hours old and I just canned my first spam message… what the hell!

about where I’m at

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

was talking to Reflex and decided to post the reply here rather than on IM, since I typed a shitload:

(3:59:17 PM) David: I am more worried about your mental state
(3:59:58 PM) bLOB: how so?
(4:00:12 PM) bLOB: or anything specific or whatever
(4:00:35 PM) David: I don’t know what kind of support you have.  I don’t know what your thinking.  You are always “It is what it is” but somewhere you have to be freaking out

ok, as for the support I have, I’m real close with my mom and not as close but still pretty close with my dad, my folks are concerned and supportive and whatnot.  My dad’s been my right hand man doing (more…)

they weren’t lying about bone marrow tests

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Well, if you’ve got a little time to waste and someone offers you a free bone marrow test, decline with prejudice.  It does fucking blow, the rumors aren’t for no reason.

They did a blood test first.  The nurse took some blood in the little vials, she hit the vein directly no problem.  As soon as she pulled it out of my arm she goes, “Wait, did they want *some_shit* as well?” it apparently wasn’t on the sheet but she figured they’d probably (more…)