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still doing alright

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Last chemo was about the same as the one before, still sucked but more mild than some of the other times.  I drank another 7+ liters of liquid Thursday and Friday combined, so that’s definitely part of it I’d say.

My hair on my head is still thinning but still have a decent amount and it’s not gotten to the point where it’s patchy or anything.  It’s weird that it seems some grows back, less grows back than what fells out each time but some seems to (once I’ve let it grow for a little while, if I put my finger past the longest hair I can feel shorter hair prickling my finger, so that’s what makes me think some grows back).  The other odd thing is my armpit hair and pubes are mostly gone but my stomach and chest hair are barely less than normal.  Seems random.  A buddy pointed out that’s where lymph nodes would be (armpit, groin and neck seem to be the big spots for lymph nodes) but that’s probably just a coincidence.  My eyebrows haven’t changed so far, hoping they stay pretty much the same.  No eye brows isn’t a good look. 😛  But ya, whatever, not THAT worried about, if they fall out, so be it.  Nothing I can do.  I’ll trade eye brows in the short term for not dying. 😛

Oh, and on a totally unrelated note, the new BBQ Pulled Pork Slider at White Castle is quite good, check it out.  😛

last chemo was less bad than some

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

The result of last chemo was less bad than some, I went into it feeling pretty good and Thursday and Friday combined I drank over 7.5 liters of liquid… which is over 255 ounces of liquid… all water except like a 24 ounce cup and a half of diet soda… so ya, slight amount of water. 🙂  As I think I’ve probably already said, they say I’m supposed to drink a lot of water to help push the chemo drugs through my kidneys and liver and whatnot.  But ya, it still sucked but was more mild than some of the times.  It doesn’t appear to be having a cumulative effect on how much it sucks for me like it does for some people, so that’s definitely good.

For about a week after my chemo I kind of have a bad taste in my mouth.  Not that bad but weird and kinda bad and is there much of the time.  I also realized that diet soda seems to make it worse especially if I drink it without a meal.  Juice or regular soda doesn’t have that effect.  Thought that was interesting and odd.

If I haven’t said on here how glad I am that I have chemo every other week, let me do that now… well I guess I just did, anyway, how it usually plays out is I go in for chemo on thursday and thursday and friday kinda suck, Saturday and Sunday usually blow pretty bad, one of the two worse than the other and monday is much better but still like slightly worse or about the same as Friday.  Tuesday is decently better but not 100% but good enough to go to work.  Some time between Wednesday and like Friday I’m feeling pretty decent and can eat mostly whatever I want and whatnot.  Well, if I had it once a week the cycle would basically restarted as I was starting to feel almost decent… I don’t envy people with harsher/not ‘well tolerated” chemo treatments, let alone ones that are once a week or more! Damn.

Going in for treatment is starting to become kind of a grind… I have 2 months left (4 treatments) and it kind of feels more daunting than when I started or even a few months in… I’m not sure what the differance is.  I don’t know if it’s coincidance or what, but it seemed to start feeling like more of a grind soon after I heard that the PET scan was negative.  Like I said don’t know if it’s actually related, but it’s possible, like somehow knowing that I’m probably actually doing better makes my subconcious think the rest of the treatments aren’t needed or something.  I don’t know, doesn’t make good sense but either way I kinda started dredding the next chemo the Tuesday after, basically as soon as my mind wasn’t pre-ocupied by the last Chemo.  And I just spelled dread like Judge Dredd… haha, anyway, ya, sucks but at least this didn’t set in on the inverse, 2 months in vs. 2 months left.  It’s not like it’s always on my mind though.

I’ve been taking it one day at a time, rolling with the punches and dealing with the now and trying not to worry about what’s to come and I think I’ll be able to stick with that for the remainder as well.


Monday, May 4th, 2009

Last chemo kinda sucked but mostly wasn’t too bad, only Saturday sucked extra but I ended up sleeping the vast majority of the day.  I went to bed on Friday at like 1am or 2am or something and then woke up at like 1pm, after waking up once or twice and taking a piss and going back to bed a couple times while it was light (if I feel shitty often times the fix is to just sleep more), I felt better than I did the other times I woke up but still felt shitty, ate dinner at like 5 or 5:30 and still felt like shit, ended up going to bed at like 7:30pm and then woke up at like 12am feeling better than I had earlier but still not great, watched some TV until like 2 or 2:30 and then went to bed again and slept until like 12pm or 1pm.  It was pretty crazy!

But ya, other than that, it was about normal.  Nothing else really to report, been doing alright.