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one more left

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Had a chemo treatment last Thursday, now I’ve only got one remaining.  The chemo a few weeks ago was kinda like the last few before it, not as bad as some others.  This last one I wasn’t so lucky, it wasn’t the worst one I’ve had but it definitely sucked more than the last few.  Saturday sucked the most, slept until like 2pm, felt like shit and was tired of being awake so went to bed at like 6pm or 7pm and slept until like 12am and watched some TV and stuff until like 2:30am went back to bed, got up saturday at like 1:30pm feeling shitty but better than I did on Saturday.  Still not feeling that good, but decently better than Saturday and Sunday.

Only have one chemo left, which is awesome but still sucks because I do have to go and do this one more time.  A little less than a month after the last chemo I have to go and get another CT scan and PET scan both to see where we’re at and if I’m good to go.  I should be because the last PET scan was negative but don’t want to expect it 100%, becuase their is the chance something could be found.  If it’s negative then I have to go in every three months for a checkup with Dr. Dragon to make sure I’m still good to go.  I ask about my immune system, how long it’ll be messed up, he said he wants me to stay on the antibiotics and antiviral pills for three months, and then I guess we’ll see.  As for taking out my port, I can leave it in for a year and see what happens (go in once a month to flush it) or I can take it out any time after we’re done as long as I’m good to go.  It’s pretty annoying to have, so I’m probably not going to leave it in for a year, but I may leave it in for a little while, don’t know yet.  I’ll see what I decide later, not sure how big of a deal it is to take out, I think he said Bona, one of his nurses could take it out.