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And got some great news a few days ago

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Good news first, I got a PET scan last week.  I think the PET scan was to check if the remaining few lumps I’ve got are cancerous, Dr. Dragon said that the lymph nodes may not go back to normal size because of scar tissue (but have gotten way smaller anyway), so even though I have a slight amount of bulkiness and a few lumps left they may not be cancerous.  We got the results back and it was negative.  So that’s great news.  Dr. Dragon also said that my progress was “exceptional” or was it “excellent”?  It was something that meant great and started with an ‘e’. 🙂  Either way I still have to finish out the rest of my chemo, but ya, it’s good to know it’s working.

Anyway, about the PET scan, it was a little weird.  They put you in a room and inject you with some radioative stuff.  It’s kinda weird when the stuff getting injected into you is in a lead pipe thing with (more…)

still doing alright

Friday, April 24th, 2009

I suck at updating this blog apparently, sorry guys.

Three chemos back it was kinda bad, it was a little worse than usual and seemed to last at least a few extra days.  I didn’t feel nasueous really but felt weird and run down for a few extra days, but it did pass finally.  Chemo after that wasn’t as bad, more normal.  I had a chemo treatment yesterday and so far it hasn’t been extra bad or anything, but usually Saturday and/or Sunday are the worst, so we’ll see how they go.  Been working most days other than the Thursday of chemo to Monday after it.  Only taken off a day or two here and there other than that when I wasn’t feeling up to working.  So overall been doing pretty well.

Oh, and my hair apparently refuses to not grow.  What seems to be happening is that some falls out some time after a chemo treatment but then what fell out last time starts to grow back, because my hair is thinner than normal but doesn’t seem to be getting that much thinner and I have two different lengths of hair right now.  Kinda weird but cool I guess, we’ll see if I end up loosing more without having more grow.