quick update and good news

Had an appointment with Dr. Dragon today to go over where I’m at and what treatment I’ll be going with and whatnot.  Well, from the CT scan he said (maybe not in these exact words) that I wasn’t as bad as he thought.  I do have lumps in my chest and abdomen but they aren’t bulky, I only have bulky ones on my neck.  He said he was going to go with the regular treatment instead of the more aggressive treatment that has more potential for side effects, like a higher chance of infertility and like 1-3% chance of leukemia in 10 years.  So definitely good that it’s not as bulky everywhere else (which was his expectation and that their’s no reason to go with the more aggressive treatment that has more potential problems.

I start chemo on Thursday.  They have to put in a port (also called port-a-cath) in first, it will be in my chest below my collarbone.  It’s a thing they put the needle for the IV into that has a tube that goes into a big vein in my neck/chest that goes straight to my heart (think they said jugular).  It’s a surgery procedure obviously, the port ends up under the skin.  It’s to save your arm veins from being affected by the chemo.  You saw what the IV from the CT scan’s meds did, chemo would obviously be worse so putting the port in is the best option.  The port’s getting put in on monday.  I have to get a breathing test and an echo cardiogram as well.  The echo cardiogram will be monday before the port, the breathing test is on wednesday.

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  1. Reflex says:

    Thats really good news, keep us posted.

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