I was wrong about which one would hurt more

Well, over time the port and the incision by it started hurting more than the one up by neck.  Makes sense I guess, since their’s more tissue and whatnot that is displaced and messed with.  It wasn’t super terrible but did suck pretty good last night when I was just taking Tylenol but sleeping was alright with the Norco.

Last night and today both incisions at random keep itching and I almost start to go itch them but then remeber it’s going to hurt like a bitch if I do that.  I did totally forget one time and started to itch my port area… bad times.  Been just taking Tylenol today and have been doing alright.  As I went to lay down to go to bed last night I realized they’re going to be messing with the port and putting a neddle in it and whatnot and was like, “Oh, shit, hope it feels way better by thursday!” But it seems decently better today than it was yesterday, so shouldn’t totally suck on thursday.

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