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been doing alright

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

I been doing alright, worked on Friday, Monday and today.  Their was a film festival this weekend end put on by a buddy of mine at the community college, a bunch of indie movies and some cool looking stuff but I decided not to go because I didn’t want to get sick.  As it turns out, my mom thought she might be getting sick yesterday, I told her not allowed to get sick. 🙂 She doesn’t seem to have gotten it, so that’s good, ’cause then she can’t give it to me. If my cheek is any indication, I’d be sick for a damn long time. I messed up my cheek by eating to many lemonheads and it’s been messed up for over a week now. It’s starting to do better finally, I’m using the mouthwash more often (Biotene) and I think that’s what’s helping and I figured out how to brush the teeth under it a little better than when it first happened.

Should be going to work tomorrow and I’ve got chemo on Thursday, hopefully I’ll be able to get back to work sooner after it then I’ve been able to this last time.  We’ll see.

nothing happens, so I don’t have any snappy titles (aka update since last post)

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

I had another chemo treatment last Thursday, went fine.  I ended up in the big room with like 8 stations with a maze of curtains to partition them off (it was kinda cool following the tracks on the ceiling with your eye to see seeing how they designed the curtains so it seals off each area).  Wasn’t too bad, their wasn’t a TV in that room, which I kinda like, would rather just sit there and think than have a TV be on.  There was an old guy that came in and was talking and it somehow came out that he was 100 years old!  And it wasn’t like he was rounding up or anything, they ask you all the time what your name is and your birthday (and then look at the medication they’re giving you which has labels saying that on it) and he was born in 1908!  Total madness.  As a buddy of mine said, “He was old in the 70’s and is still here.”  Anyway, it went fine.  The nurse has been different each time and it’s kinda interesting, each nurse (more…)