nothing happens, so I don’t have any snappy titles (aka update since last post)

I had another chemo treatment last Thursday, went fine.  I ended up in the big room with like 8 stations with a maze of curtains to partition them off (it was kinda cool following the tracks on the ceiling with your eye to see seeing how they designed the curtains so it seals off each area).  Wasn’t too bad, their wasn’t a TV in that room, which I kinda like, would rather just sit there and think than have a TV be on.  There was an old guy that came in and was talking and it somehow came out that he was 100 years old!  And it wasn’t like he was rounding up or anything, they ask you all the time what your name is and your birthday (and then look at the medication they’re giving you which has labels saying that on it) and he was born in 1908!  Total madness.  As a buddy of mine said, “He was old in the 70’s and is still here.”  Anyway, it went fine.  The nurse has been different each time and it’s kinda interesting, each nurse does things a little different, like which drugs they manually inject and which ones they let the pump inject.  Another is how they tape down the needle into my port is totally different each time.

Nausea hasn’t been as bad this time, I decided to try taking more heartburn medicine (over the counter xantac I think is what I’ve got), just take two instead of one and I think that was the differance.  So far it hasn’t gotten worse with each treatment, which I’m grateful for.  It’s a few days out so the nausea is on the down hill side of the curve and almost gone for the most part.  I seem to be feeling better than I have the last couple weeks, after the chemo before last after I started feeling alright when it came to nausea I started to feel a little run down and like I was going to get a cold so I layed low and didn’t go back to work for the remainder of the time before this chemo treatment.  My immune system is down from the chemo I didn’t want to get a cold I’d have trouble shaking and feel shittier during a chemo treatment to boot.  It seems to have worked since I didn’t really get sick, just felt kinda run down and slightly shitty one or two days but didn’t really get sick.

I guess that’s it… don’t really have anything else or more interesting to report, just mainly been sitting around, watching TV, watching movies, hanging around listening to muisc and dicking around on the internet, nothing too exciting.

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  1. Intuit says:


    One word… scary. I hate hospitals. (But if that’s going to one’s ticket to survival I suppose one could learn to like them. 😉 You say it’s cool but man you’re a brave, brave man…

    Yeah I kind of share your taste for silence over “background noise” lately. Seems to occur in spurts… listening to a lot of NPR (and other when they still existed). It seems my growing preference for silence began the minute the elections were over. For the most part think I got enough of politics to last me at least a year. In the car it’s strictly instrumentals and jazz vocalists lately. Been unplugging from the net even and are currently trying not to slip back into thy old ways now that things have slowed for the moment.

    Don’t know if 62 is still considered “old” anymore especially since virtually no one will be able to comfortably retire then unless they have a consistent source of income such as rental property… but yeah that’s amazing. My Grandmother was born in 1912 and passed last year. My my the things these folks have lived through and boy did she have some stories. Just a few days ago was joking with my Nephew about looking up at the birds with his mouth closed… hehehe… 😉

    Just remember that since “life is change,” sometimes… sometimes no news can be good news.

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