this is why I ask about yell-y/scream-y music

Just sent this e-mail to a friend and figured it’d a make a decent blog post as well:
Been really liking this band La Dispute, both lyrically and musically.  This is one of my favorite songs by them, St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church Blues

I can’t place exactly why but I get kind of emotional every time I listen to this song.  It’s not the religious aspect, at least not directly, because I’m not religious at all…  Something about their lyrics really speaks to where I’m at and where I’ve been the last hand full of months.  Not just that song, basically that whole album and to a decent degree there two previous.  listening to that song after finding the youtube link to give above and checking the lyrics posted in that youtube video’s description I almost started tearing up.   I made sure to link ones with the lyrics, since in all likelihood, most people won’t like the music and be able to get through it.

a letter:

Checking the following link, I did tear up a tiny bit not enough to run.
a Departure:

yep, there it is, tear ran down during this one.

I See Everything:

Edward Benz, 27 Times:

A broken jar:

All Our Bruised Bodies And The Whole Heart Shrinks:

Right now I feel the pain from a deep sense of loss but somehow a spark of joy.  A tiny bit for having had what Adam and I had, but also for having what I still have.  I’m doing pretty well, I have my health (so far), I have my parents that I’m real close to and I have a woman that is amazing.  It’s not all gravy but I cherish what we have and who she is more than she knows, or could even comprehend.  In this moment I feel like not losing that, not losing sight of that feeling, is the most important thing.  It feels both stronger than anything and very fragile at the same time.. and I’m not the only one that has to be on board tending to it, that has to feel this way for it to work, for it to continue.  Which is pretty fucking scary.  I don’t like uncertainty.  I don’t like risk but there is no reward without risk.

as I was trying to figure out what to listen to next, I had not hing that was similar that would be a good segway to, so put something on that was basically totally different and ended up with this and it somehow seems fitting:

(Lassie Foundation – I can be her man)

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