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some images taken during the high dose chemo that I’ve been meaning to post but haven’t previously. my legs a few days after the initial kidney failure and the blisters formed.  They were still ‘wheeping’ I think they called it, at this point but they were all popped by this time.  The wash cloths in my hands were so I could squeeze something other than just my fists because it hurt like a bitch when they were messing with them or changing the initial style of covering (it was a slide on sock tube thing).  Especially since it was nurses doing it that hadn’t necessarily done it before and not the Wound Care people.  Wherever there is a bright red spots on my legs in the pic, right now since it’s healed I have a pink/red that is a scar from it.  They’ve definitely faded from what they look like in this pick but it’s still quite obvious they’re there.

After the weekend, the wound care people came and did a different style of wrap that was better.  Under the both types of wrap they had these pads that absorbed the liquid and the hospital kept running out of them and they were scrounging to find more each time they had to wrap my legs.  Pretty crazy.  The pic below is once I got home, but the wrap style is the same.

Me with my face relaxed, you  can kind of see that the whites of my eyes are actually red.

Me with my eyes open wide showing that I have very little white left at this point.  Look like a damn zombie here, with the red eyes and the pale face.  Also, you may have noticed the shirt has no collar, we cut the collar off some shirts so it wouldn’t rub on my neck since my neck hurt like a bad sunburn.  They said it was from the radiation, that the high dose chemo can basically bring out symptoms from the radiation treatment that didn’t happen at the time of radiation.  

I guess that’s all I want to share for now.

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  1. Reflex says:

    Are your eyes really that red right now or is that a trick of the camera? What is causing that effect? And I hate to say it, but it would be awesome for Halloween..

  2. Reflex says:

    Guess I should have read rather than skimmed. Yeah, thats freaky how red its making them.

  3. bLOB says:

    not sure exactly what caused it but ya, that is really how my eyes looked, no trick of the camera. At one point there was two nurses in my room and my mom said something about how my eyes looked bad and they looked at me and went, “They’re not that bad” and then I opened them like that and they go “Awww! well, ya” and slightly recoiled… when you can get nurses to recoil you know it’s pretty bad!

    They were like that part of the time I was in the hospital. Aren’t like that now.

  4. Toon says:

    Hi, I am Toon.
    I think you will get better. I will pray to God to help you to get better.

    See you next week.

    Take care


  5. Intuit says:

    Wow… had no idea… knew you were tough but damn. You make reference to ‘zombie’ but frankly main difference is they’re weak!!! They always perish in the movies. You’re still kick’n… and post’n… and getting ever stronger. 🙂 Name one movie where a true “zombie” has managed to pull that off… 🙂

    Got a lot of reading to catch up on… but I did sneak-peak and saw the scan results!

  6. bLOB says:

    heh, nice intuit.

    oh, and I showed a buddy of mine Jeremy these pics and when he saw the first one of my head he goes, ‘Wow, you look like Darth Vadar with his helmet off.’ After seeing the second one he goes, “That’s not photoshopped right?” haha

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