Figured out something about food

I ate the same thing today as yesterday for dinner. My dad bought some very thinly sliced steak and made some rice in his rice cooker.  Yesterday he used butter in the pan. I found that if I padded off the steak with anapkin it was less bad.  Seemed odd butwhatever, it helped.  Today I was thinking that maybe it was the butter that wa the problem so today when he made it, he didn’t use any oil or butter since it was a non-stick pan amyway.  It helped a lot, and made the meal merely bad instead of terrible.  I also realized that in my mouth stuff taste better than as i’m swollowing or after i’ve swollowed, so the biggest taste problem may be the back of my tongue.

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  1. Intuit says:

    Some non-stick “butter” sprays do taste funny. I think “Pam” might be one of them. Kind of taste like some sort of chemical. So if your taste is already a little off, or way off in your case…

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