home now, and what happened since last post

I came home Thursday evening.  They were shooting for Wednesday but that would have been to early.  I felt much more ready (though maybe not fully ready) to go home on Thursday than I did on Wednesday.  Still don’t really feel like having visitors.

The wraps they started using on my lower legs on monday before I was released (and have used since) aremuch better than the wraps they used on the weekend before.  Part of the problem was the wound care/physical theropy wasn’t the ones putting it on, it was whoever my nurse was at the time, who had only seen it done once or was following written instructions vs. Wound care that had done it like hundreds of times at least.  To make matters worse the blister wounds were more sensative then too.  It all added up to being insanely excrusiating when they changed it. The original way was to put these special pads on to obsorb the blisters ‘wheeping’ (what they called it) and then pull this tube with slight compresion that was cut off a bigger roll. That was supposed to be rolled back half way on it’s self and that pulled on me some and then the part that was rolled and pulled back over it’s self was to be pulled up over the other half of my shin/calf.  In practaice only the wound care chicks did that really.  These were changed 2 or 3 times a day but were soaked after only 2 or 3 hours.  The new wrap has 4 layers plus the same foam things over the wounds.  It comes on a roll and they start at the foot and twirl it around the foot then up the leg and stop below the knee.  The first two layers are for obsorbing the liquid, the last two are for some compression.  All layers are white except the last one that is the dark tan color of like an ace bandage.  Ends up looking vauguely like a cast.  Gets changed mon, wed, fri.  

The foam pads, they used normal unmedicated white ones until last monday.  Along with the yellow blister liquid there was some green on there that is bacteria.  Apparently how you treat or kill them is with silver.  So now they’re using foam that’s silver in color with actual silver in them. 

The wound care guy is happy with how it’s progressing, some spots are alreaddy mostly healed from bring blisters and are the new tender skin.

My legs are finally starting to feel a little better.  Up until the last few days whenever my legs would go from being up or even just straight out from my body, when ever I’d bend them and let them hang down to the ground there would be excruciating pain for like 30 secs then I could start to think about standing up but then the same pain would come back full force.  The pain is less now when getting up and sometimes not much for first part, firt standing is still little hard though still.  Going up and down the half flights of stairs is less painful too.  

I still need to build up my strength as well.  I was in a hospital room for 3.5 weeks and only walked inside the room a little and to the bathroom.

I’m still kinda randomly tired all the time, sometimes totally awake then can hardly keep my eyes open then back again, all within like 10 mins.  Majority of the time i’m pretty tired though.  Not sure how much of this is do to the oxycottin dose I’m taking.

Depends on the day it seems as to how I feel overall.  Some days or half the day I’ll feel pretty good.  Other days or the other half of the day I’ll feel varying degrees of shitty.

Food taste fucking terrible too.  It wasn’t that food becomes bland like I hoped.  It’s been rough trying to find stuff that’s just terrible enough that I can choke it down… Hopeing the month they said it’s likely to take for my sluffed off taste buds to grow back goes by quick or they start early…

Not sure when we find out how i’m doing.  Tomorrow I have an appointment with the Doc that was in charge of this treatment, so may know more on that front tomorrow.

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  1. Intuit says:

    {{Still don’t really feel like having visitors.}}

    Weyell, you’re not YET in a condition for getting up and heaving folks out the door right ?

    AHEM, Dasfiend, drop over anyway… preferrably unannounced. πŸ˜‰ (yeah I’m joking – abide by the man’s wishes)

    W O N D E R F U L that you’re home ! ! !

    That should be reason enough for your taste buds to grow back. πŸ™‚

    Keep on kick’n ass….

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