Kidneys, you need those

Conversation between me and a buddy about what’s been going on:

Buddy: heyy
mrblob9000: Hey
Buddy: how’s it goin
mrblob9000: Totaly blows but i’m getting by
Buddy: oh i see. that bad huh :/
mrblob9000: Just starting to feel like I could see the end of this and my Kindneys basically failed
Buddy: oh :/ so what they say now
mrblob9000: And I wasn’t peeing at all, barely enough to get two specamins, like 15 or 20ml instead of 200-400 each time
mrblob9000: With the water havin no place to go it filled my legs so they’re super bloated
mrblob9000: Looks like the eat it video
Buddy: yea that sounds like no fun
mrblob9000: Very soon after I start getting huge blister, some as big as half a baseball
mrblob9000: Rangeing down to dime size
mrblob9000: Coverong my whole calf and shin
Buddy: woh

Couple things I didn’t say above:

If my kidneys didn’t start working agsin the day they did they said they’ed have given it one more day and then put me on dialysis (which would have entailed a whole new set of tubes comeing out of me, hickman for stemcell harvest which are close but not enough.

My immune system is working again, my throat is finally starting to feel decent. They taking me off the morphone pump and putting me on probably oxycodone in preparation for going home, maybe in the next few days!

2 Responses to “Kidneys, you need those”

  1. maikins says:

    That’s great dude! I bet it feels strange to feel better after so long of shitty throat.

  2. dasfiend says:

    Dude, jesus fuck!

    Shoot me a bitwise when you feel up to visitation, hate to be lame but you need the support of your friends (like me!) right now, eh.

    Oh yeah, and don’t die. That is all.

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