update after last chemo and how I’m doing in general

My stomach is done feeling the after affects of chemo as of the last couple days or so.  This time around was pretty much the exact same as last time.  Wednesday and friday sucked but thursday sucked the most, Saturday was better than Friday and Sunday was markedly better than Saturday, with Monday pretty much back to normal.  Had a bone marrow test thursday before they gave me the shot to up my white blood cell count.  Sucked most definitely but less than the first one I had a while ago.

The Monday of the last chemo, before they started chemo I had an appointment with Dr. Dragon, he felt for lumps as usual but unlike usual he found a lump in my left armpit.  He was concerned it could be from hodgkin’s (it’s also possible it’s some kind of fat pad lump thing) and so I’m getting a PET scan on Monday to see if it shows up.  The stem cell doctor wanted me to do a CT scan before my appointment with her which is on Wednesday (10th), so that’s scheduled for tomorrow.  So I’ll have both types of scans for them to look over/check, so should be able to see what’s going on.  If it is a new lump then they’ll have to regroup and change to a different treatment.  Not sure if that means the same thing but different chemo drugs (like do a few cycles of a different chemo then do the radiation then do the super chemo but a different one and still do stem cell shit) or how much will change.  I guess I’ll know next week, especially since I’ve got appointments with the stem cell doc and radiology oncology doc next week.  Overall I think I’m feeling better than I did a month or two ago, so it’s probably doing something at least, but we’ll see if it’s doing enough soon.

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  1. Intuit says:

    Great to “hear” you’re feeling overall, better than before. 🙂

  2. Reflex says:

    Mel and I are following this. Mel has been explaining a lot of the medical side of it to me.

  3. bLOB says:

    what kinda questions have you had? How does Mel know about the medical side? I’m not a sea creature or tree or forest ecosystem or whatever it is she’s been studying. 😛

  4. maikins says:

    Wait, I always thought you were a forest ecosystem… so what the hell are you then?

    Sea creature would have been my second guess…

  5. bLOB says:

    ya, definitely not a tree. I guess of I resemble a bush more than a tree… short and squaty. 😛

  6. Reflex says:

    Mel is a biologist, she’s taken a lot of genetics, biochem and comparative anatomy. Many of her fellow students were pre-med. Her career path right now could just as easily be medical as ecological, her background is hard science(physics/chemistry/biology).

    One thing she did really well the other day was explain lymph nodes to me and why lymphoma spreads so easily and is so difficult to wipe out entirely. Interesting stuff, I really had no idea.

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