Did CT scan, already got results

last night I almost forgot to drink the ‘smoothie’ that I’m supposed to drink the night before and then DID forget to drink the thing I’m supposed to drink an hour before.  Didn’t realize it until I got there, had changed into the robe thing and was walking into the room with the machine and the lady ask if I took the shit and I said I forgot the one from today and she goes, “You need that.  We can do it without but it’s not as good of a scan.  Do you have time to take it and wait an hour?” I said yes and drank the shit and sat in the waiting room inside the dressing room.  Was going to start a little before 1:45 but didn’t actually start until 2:45.  Took like 30 to 45mins to do the scan I think.  Dr. Dragon called me with the results a little before 5:30!  He must have checked it the second he got an e-mail or whatever saying it was ready to go.  He said he said he looked at it and he and the radiologist didn’t see anything in my arm pit, so must be muscle or fat pad he’s feeling and the lumps in my pelvis are improved.  So ya, good news.  Still doing the PET scan on monday but should be fine too.

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