core biopsy done

It definitely sucks less to get there at 12:30pm than it does to get there at like 8am like last time.  Different doctor this time, different nurse and different tech as well.  I didn’t go to the recovery room after, they just kept me in the room for an extra 20 minutes or something to make sure I was still good to go.  The doctor didn’t do any of the smaller needles, just the larger gauge clicking ones, he ask for size 18 and 20, not sure which he used or if he used both.  Handle was pink on the ones I saw (vs. yellow last time) but I didn’t see them all, only a few of the 5 or 6 that he used this time.  So apparently they didn’t just need a little more, they kinda needed a shitload more.  Hurts more than last time but guess was to be expected, it’s more needles and it was still not back to normal from the first time.  Won’t know just how much until later this evening/night, which is when it hurts more in general anyway even before the last needle biopsy (and the needle biopsy just made it hurt more but follow that same pattern).

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