haven’t gotten results yet, still not back to normal

Haven’t gotten the results yet.  Don’t really know what to hope it is, I mean what else can it be that’s the same exact symptoms and not hodgkin’s?  I do however know what to hope for, that they do find a result.  I’d really rather not have a regular biopsy.

This time I didn’t really get any externally visible bruising but it was more angry in a different way.  Don’t know how to explain it.  The visible bruise from the original needle biopsy is almost all gone but I don’t think it’s fully healed inside yet.  Also, trying to sleep has sucked more now, still can’t point to the left past straight up but now I feel like a pulling like a muscle being stretched out kinda but with kind of an ache/pain as well where they went in, so trying to fall asleep is still rather fun. So haven’t really been sleeping all that well.  The doctor seems to have basically gone into the same hole each time.  The hole it’s self, according to my mom, is like between a mm and 1/8th inch.  This time it bled more too.  First time almost didn’t bleed at all, after the first day, didn’t need a bandaid.  It didn’t bleed so much that I had to change a bandaid because of that but for the first two days you could see the blood through the front of the bandaid.  It did bleed less and less as days went on to today being the first day I didn’t put a bandaid on.  I realized that I’m kinda hosed on it feeling good enough to go back to work and whatnot.  I mean, the usual way of something like this (or surgery or any injury really) is first few days (or week or wahtever) it hurts real good but feels much better after each day and then you get to a point decently quickly where it still hurts but is tolerable and not that bad and then you can go on your merry way.  Problem is I was working from a base that wasn’t par, it already ached and was tender and hurt pretty good in the evening/night anyway, so that plus what should be tolerable equals I’m kinda hosed for longer.  So ya, been doing lots of sitting around the last two plus weeks and foresee a decent amount of sitting around still in my future.

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  1. maikins says:

    Sounds miserable! Hang in there dude, maybe you should use this time to take up knitting and start cranking out adorable little mittens and hats for the neighborhood boys and girls…

  2. Intuit says:

    Wouldn’t want to do anything that would make the cancer cells more comfortable but would a heating pad be enough of a distraction from the pain to enhance sleep ? Just have to make sure it’s set low otherwise could wake up with a burn. May use the “good” side if there is one, to better gauge how hot it really is. Also be aware of the warnings and instructions as I believe many older heating pads warn against sleeping with them.

    Maikins has the right idea… sort of. With all the sitting around you mentioned a mental distraction can be a good thing. Become fluent in Spanish or signing, learn braille, pickup a programming language, as couple of quick ideas. Those are some ways I’d like to enhance myself anyway. (and honestly there’s nothing stopping me except me)

  3. bLOB says:

    hah, I thought that said, “Fluent in spanish or singing” as if singing was a different language! heh.

    My mom can knit and knitting kinda looks like no fun at all to me. 🙂

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