need another core biopsy

Apparently the third needle, the larger one that was different than the first two is called a ‘core biopsy’ and mine was inconclusive or didn’t have enough tissue to be definitive or something like that that according to the lab.  So Dr. Dragon wants to try another core biopsy.  so that’s scheduled for Wednesday.  It’s probably going to suck even more to have them poking around when it’s still not really healed but I want this to be done with and get the results, so I shrugged and scheduled for Wednesday rather than later.

It was feeling a little better yesterday than Saturday (when it felt the worst in general, it actually got more purple and bruised Saturday than Friday) but I moved around a little more/was a little more active yesterday than previously and then it hurt like a bitch that night, so the area is still extra angry with me.  I also found that apparently it’s most comfortable for me to be pointing left of stright up on my back when sleeping, but it hurts if I am any past center towards the left side, so trying to fall asleep has been a little annoying.  It either hurts and I can’t fall asleep or I’m slightly uncomfortable and that makes it harder to fall asleep.  Sucks but not super terrible just didn’t know how big of a preference it was.

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  1. Intuit says:

    What you describe reminds me of how scientists take core samples of ice.

    Is that what you have to deal with ? How are you not bleeding like a stuffed pig ? Bleeding internally; not have to constantly drain the wounds, etcetera ?

  2. Intuit says:

    This is interesting…
    (not to be taken 100% seriously of course, but interesting none the less)

  3. bLOB says:

    They use a smaller needle than they use for ice core samples. 😛

    Worrying about bleeding is basically why they have me in recovery for an hour, they said it’s an area that doesn’t really bleed that much (listed like liver as one that would bleed a lot more and be more worry some).

    and ya, snake oil ftl man.

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