Erin’s shitty Tuesday

May clean this up some when I get home, I need to post some shit in the next couple days that I haven’t made time for because I don’t want to face it but need to post to help get to the other side of how I feel and the situation, anyway, here is Erin’s shitty last Tuesday:
she started a new job monday, bus made her late for her first day
tuesday she woke up and couldn’t
find her keys (they fell into the garbage can next to the couch side table), then she went to drive my car and she had left the lights on so the battery was dead, a buddy of mine was going to jump her but when she was setting it up a neighbor saw and came and jumped her, she got to work 30 mins late on her second day, she then got a $45 parking ticket for going 15 mins over the meter, then with the car parked in a garage, she came back and my car’s passenger window was busted out!
that same fucking car charger was moved, like grabbed thinking it was something good and then dropped because it’s a fucking $10 car charger!
what in the fuck do these people think my car charger is?! I apparently need to burn that thing…
it was a year, year and a half ago when the driver door was broken and the same charger was picked up then dropped…

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