Well, that was fun

Erin’s stomach had been a little bad for a couple days and it got worse yesterday. David, Renoir and David’s dad were going to see Skyfall and invited me. Just as we were leaving Erin looked like she wasn’t doing well. I ask if she wanted me to stay. She said no, and I said let me know if things change. We go to the theater and the 9:20 tickets are sold out. I was in the teller line and they were in the the weird movie ticket Atm line and I got tot the front first and bought 4 tickets for the movie fir 10:30. We are now wondering what to do for like 45 mins to an hour. We go inside and they had an arcade racing game for fast and furious franchise. It had an out of order sign on it covering s BSoD. I thought that was kinds funny and was gonna take a pic with my phone and saw there was a message, checked and it was Erin saying she threw up a bunch and for me to come back please. Well, I forgot about taking the pic and said I had to go home because Erin was sick. Got home and she was doing pretty poorly. I called the consulting nurse but since boyfriends count as strangers basically, she had to talk to her. The consulting nurse said she should go in to see if she was having gall bladder episode and that she may have to have it removed. We went to urgent care and they did an ultrasound and found gall stones and that the wall of her gall bladder was thick. These were signs of it needing to come out. So she stayed the night in the hospital and just had surgery for it to be removed. Surgeon said it went well. They were able to use laparoscopic surgery, so should be lower recovery time, they only do it the old way if its crazy, and it wasn’t. She’s currently resting and trying to sleep after recovery. So far super groggy, in some pretty decent pain and nauseous but they say those will subside with a little time. They say baring any problem, she’ll be going home at like 5pm or 6pm. Home to my place.

Ethel, the old lady with dementia Erin’s sharing a room with is not helping at all with sleeping. Not last night and not now after surgery. 🙁

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