update since last post, far too long

Well, it’s been far too long since my last update, but I did keep people posted when I got the results of the scan and they were clean.  I think part of why I didn’t really post was I was afraid I’d start thinking and then puss out on moving, so I haven’t posted.

I’ve been in Seattle area for about a month now.  Seems cool, I got here in Feb and the grass was green if that tells you anything about how much better the weather is here vs. IL in the winter!  It snowed a little once over night and it melted the next day, otherwise just been rain.  It’s rained at least some most days but it hasn’t been very hard.  Only once was I kinda wet after walking to the car and a store and back in the rain, otherwise it’s hasn’t really mattered that it was raining and basically wait 10 to 30 mins and it will probably not be raining anymore.  As for how cold it’s been, I’ve only worn a hooded sweatshirt around and only been outside and felt like I needed slightly more than that once.  So ya, not missing Chicagoland weather at all!  heh.

I went through a southern route, which took 24 extra hours of driving because the locks on my car sometimes freeze and I can’t lock or unlock them.  Also, I only had to stay in a hotel two nights because I knew people to stay with on that route, so it wasn’t too bad.  Also, got to hang out with some people I hadn’t seen in a while and there daughter that I hadn’t seen in like 15 years or something!  Was real cool to see them and ended up spending like a week and a half or two weeks with them instead of just a night, heh.  the route was pretty madness though, here it is (oh, and didn’t spend the night in Palo Alto, just had dinner with a friend) Ended up seeing some pretty cool stuff. Will probably make a post about that later.

Other than that, like I said the area seems pretty cool, kinda have every store or food style real close. Haven’t gone looking for a Chinese place but I did find a real good Mexican place, I was kinda worried they wouldn’t have enough of a Mexican population to have real Mexican food but my buddy goes to a sit down restaurant that good and I found a little hole in the wall place that’s real good too. So at least the most important of food is covered locally. 😛  Haven’t found a job but haven’t been looking in earnest for very long, kinda settled in first so it wasn’t such a shock to my system.  The recruiter I’ve talked to said tech is heating up and I should be able to find something decently quick, so here’s to hoping that’s the case.

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  1. Reflex says:

    So, hows the new job going? And I hear you recently had some more tests….

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