little better

Feel like I should post since it’s been a while (post from a couple days ago hardly counts) but I don’t know, I guess I don’t want to jinx it? Been feeling a little better about things. It’s odd, nothing’s actually resolved per se but but like identifying more fully how you feel about something and why you may feel that way somehow helps you not feel that way, or at least less so… Seems like bullshit, like that should do nothing since no actual conclusion or solution came from it but apparently the human mind is odd. Some was talking to friends, but the biggest was with the therapist (counselor? not sure what she actually is). I’m sure her training helped some but think it was also where I was at thinking about everything that attributed too. Feel like if I didn’t miss my appointment the week before and actually went, I’d have gotten a lot less from the meeting (wtf are they called? appointment I guess). The celexa (anti-depressant) may be helping some too, but it was too sharp of an uptick and happened before I started taking more than the minimum dose (and am still only taking 20mg, where 40mg to 60mg is where you’re supposed to be for a regular dose or wahtever).

Still not there yet, still struggling with some but at least currently (and for about a week) have felt a little better about some of what I typed in the last actual post.

Physically still slowly getting stronger but still not there yet.  My hip has been hurting some (from the bone lesion).  Not sure if it’s because I’m a little more active or if it’s from where it’s at healing wise or why it started hurting again some.  Just hoping it gets better not worse.

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  1. Reflex says:

    We all have our fingers crossed as you know.

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