quick update

Last day or two or three seems the effects of he chemo are pretty much gone it but still have hodgkin’s making me feel varying degrees of bad.  Most days are only a little bad but some days suck pretty good.  Was feeling pretty shitty a day or two ago and it’s kinda frustrating.  There’s nothing I can do about it.  It feels sorta like being real tired and like sleeping not existing.  Luckily days like that are in the minority and while I don’t feel good, I don’t feel super bad.  My left hip is still hurting real good but has been mostly managable by kinda doing nothing and taking advil.  Today I didn’t take any advil until later in the day and my right hip, supposed good hip, felt kinda grindy and getting up from sitting one time today it hurt in the same way as my left hip but less intensely.  So ya, I may have a bad hip and a worse hip rather than a good and bad hip… which is definitely rad.  Told Dr. Dragon about it, just e-mailed him.  See what he says.  Have an appointment on monday with the surgeon or whatever he is, so we’ll see what he says too.

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  1. LINCARD1000 says:

    All this waiting around for answers to various things must be doing your head in 🙁 Here’s hoping for some good news from the quack.

  2. Intuit says:

    Have you been quesy at all ? How much movement can you normally achieve during the day ? Reason I ask is because too much sitting around can contribute to muscle and bone loss.

    Whoever these Hodgkins fellows are, find’em and kick their asses… and lock the door so they can’t run away or get back in. These bad cells kind of remind me of roaches in a few ways. Wonder how well radiation treatment would work on them… Chemo against roaches… 😉

  3. bLOB says:

    Linc: ya, my life’s been a waiting game for over a year now basically… At least the news from the bone doc was good.

    Intuit: got some info in the new main post.

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