got it scheduled

Called today to schedule and I still wasn’t set in the system with an order for a PET scan, so I called to talk to Dr. Dragon again and the operator this time wouldn’t let me talk to him, sent me to his nurse (the one that hadn’t set it in the system yet), left a message.  Sent an e-mail to Dr. Dragon as well.  Called back an hour or so later and the same operator wanted to transfer me to the same nurse’s phone (to probably get voice mail again) so I explained what was up and she took my name and info and whatnot and was going to talk to her specifically about it.  Waited like a half hour and then called to schedule again and the order was there.  So kinda, short story long but I have it scheduled for monday 2:30pm.  It was that or 7:30am, so fuck that. heh or go with tuesday or later in the week, screw that as well.

So should know more Tuesday or Wednesday.

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  1. Intuit says:

    Hoping this will be a false alarm and all is well… or maybe just a touch of the swine flu. 😉

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