the plot thickens for biopsy payment

Well, I was told that they had given me charity care for the biopsy but then I recieved a bill for $10k on saturday.  So that’s rad.  So today I called the lady I’ve been talking to at the hospital. She gave me the name of another lady that does financial shit, so I called her.  She said that I hadn’t been accepted for charity care because they submitted my info to another company that submits patients for medicaid for them.

Called that company and they said they’ve only had it for a short time (since the 7th is apparently a short time… I had the biopsy on the 24 of last month, so apparently everyone’s sitting on that info) and the lady that is working on my stuff has been on vacation and will be on vacation until the monday next week.  The lady that answered said that the lady working on my stuff would call me when she got back.  The lady I talked too though basically said I wasn’t likely to get it unless I’m disable or like about to die from the disease and because hodgkin’s has a pretty good recovery rate or whatever, I wasn’t likely to get it unless I’ve been disabled by it for a year… Seems backwards… shouldn’t the money be spent on someone who has a good chance of living and will contribute to the overall money that the US collects through taxes and whatnot and not go to someone who is super old and/or about to die from a disease that has a very high likely hood of death anyway?

So the plot thickens BUT if I don’t get medicaid (almost definitely won’t) I should get charity care, so it’s not terrible news really, just means I have more hoops to jump through.  Thought I was done jumping, apparently not.

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  1. Reflex says:

    Is the bone marrow test today? If so, can you tell us how it is? Obviously everyone hears horror stories about it, I’m wondering if its really that bad.

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