needle biopsy went fine

It was kind of a hurry up and wait situation. Supposed to get there a half hour early to get ready or whatever and I was in the room like 10mins before the scheduled time but the doctor got tied up with his previous procedure or whatever for like 20 or 30 mins (well, part of that he was ready but the lab tech wasn’t ready yet). It didn’t take long once he was there. Nurses got me ready, doctor found the spot with the ultrasound and then nurse gave me some general pain medication and then the doctor gave me quite a bit of local anesthetic in the area, with the ultrasound to find where he needed to put it, he then took like a six inch needle with a little handle thing and poked that in. No syringe, I guess just pushes it in and the tissue gets pushed inside by it’s self and that’s it. The first one didn’t hurt at all basically. Second needle was the same as the first but hurt a little. The third one was a new kind that made a similar sound to a BB gun but less loud, not sure what the actual motion that the device did, but that one hurt more than the second one. That one had kind of maybe a plunger thing at the top and a plastic thing that had two rings (one of each side) that was probably to put your pointer and middle fingers into but didn’t actually see how he held it. That one was higher gauge than the other ones. He put it in and then made the snap/air noise with it and then moved it and did it again I think and then was done. The pain was similar to the pain of the bone marrow test but much less intense. They go and have a lab tech in the corner of the room look at it under a microscope to see if it’s the right stuff and he said it was, so I was done. Went to recovery for an hour to watch me and the wound to make sure it doesn’t bleed to much or something. I was fine so then we went and got lunch and now I’m sitting at home typing on my laptop (as you can see).

It kinda aches right now, like a mixture of the feeling I was already having plus a little bit of muscle ache (like as if it was from strain or over use or something). Don’t know if it’s going to be better or worse later tonight/tomorrow.

Man I hope it comes back as definative or conclusive or whatever Dr. Dragon said it needed to be to not have a regular biopsy.  The last biopsy took a few days to get the results.  This time a nurse said 3-5 days but the Doctor said 1-3 days.  So should know in less than a week a the most but probably with a couple days.

Edit: forgot to say, after the nurse had me all ready, shaved and sterilized and whatnot, she goes, “ok, don’t move your hands.  If you have an itch just ask, we’re great nose itchers” and and I was like, “Ok” and then 20 seconds later my balls itched!  Ya, I just let it be of course, not going to ask a nurse to itch my balls. 😛

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  1. Intuit says:

    Chuckle. Could’ve said “Well, to be polite, there are some places I won’t ask you to scratch. hehe.”

    They numbed your waist area right ? If that’s the case, how did it affect your ability to move about; to walk ? When dentists for example numb a patient’s gum, it can sometimes slur the individual’s speech; especially as it reaches the lip area. So how did that affect you ? I HATE anesthetics including eye drops btw… seems like they always manage to use too much. Next time I get an eye check-up, I’ll be sure to tell them to go *very* easy on the drugs. Last time (*several* years ago) they had my eye dilated for like 3 days!

  2. bLOB says:

    I’m not very sensitive to pain meds, not nearly as sensitive as you apparently, holy crap dude. Or you’ve had terrible doctors.

    I didn’t get up right away, they wheeled me on the bed table thinger to the recovery room and I laid there for an hour before getting up, but it was just local I think mainly for the skin and stuff. They didn’t deaden huge parts of my muscle or anything.

  3. LINCARD1000 says:

    Hopefully they wont have to do that “proper” biopsy, that would add insult to injury really. You coping okay? You are a lot calmer and braver about all this shit than I would be. Kudos to you, you must have nerves of fucking steel or something.

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