How am I doing? I don’t know really.

Not feeling terrible is all I really know I guess.  Just typed an e-mail to Dr. Dragon that has most of the info, so I guess I’ll just paste that here…

Hello Dr. Dragon,
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.  (not just small talk, I truely hope you did.)

Anyway, I’m e-mailing you to tell you what’s been going on with me.  Starting from after chemo about a month after I was done with chemo for about a month, month and a half I felt great.  After that I felt good most of the time but had a few days every week or every other week where I felt bad.  On those days just overall crappy, nothing specific wrong really.  I mentioned it the last time I had an appointment with you and at the time you ask a few questions and didn’t seem to think much of it but I think said to let you know if something changed or whatever.  I haven’t gone back to feeling good, in fact it’s more like it’s flipped to the opposite, most of the time I feel varying degrees of bad with a few days (or most of a day here and there) were I feel pretty good.  It’s not as bad as it was the last six months before starting treatment, it’s more like a year or a year and a half before I started treatment.  Like I said, feel kinda bad most of the time and have mucous in my throat like I did back then.  I remember one of the questions (I think the last one) when I mentioned how I was feeling at the time at the appointment was, “Are you having night sweats?” and at the time I wasn’t.  Well, this has changed a week or two ago.  Some mornings I wake up and my shirt collar is damp.  The other night I fell aspleep at about 3am and woke up to pee at 7am and my shirt around the collar was wet (more than just damp), so I don’t know if it’s just damp (vs. wet) some days because it’s got the time to dry or something if I don’t wake up after a few hours or what.  Same thing for as to why it seems like it’s not damp or very slightly damp some days, maybe it just dried more?  Also, I’m taking advil some times for my hip, so that may be doing something as well.  Though I do know even with advil it still does it.

Speaking of my hip, something strange that I have no idea if it’s related or not but 6 months to a year before I started chemo my right hip was killing me (and only my right hip) if I moved it in certain ways.  That pain went away a few months into chemo if I remember correctly.  Well, to make it even more similar to how I felt a year/year and a half ago is that now my other hip (left hip, and actually knee as well) are both killing me if I move them certain ways.  No idea what’s going on there but it’s happening so figured I’d include it here.

I just wanted to make sure you knew what was going on and see if we should do anything.  I have an appointment for a scan and an appointment with you in about a month and a half, but don’t know if you’d want to see me sooner than that.

He’ll probably get back to me tomorrow (Monday), so I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. bLOB says:

    was trying to think of other stuff it could be and looked up the symptoms of type 2 diabetes and some of them intersect with mine (some don’t), probably not it but my mom has a thing to check blood sugar, so may as well check it a few days.

  2. bLOB says:

    nope, blood sugar was 103 yesterday and 106 today, that’s not it. figured it wasn’t.

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