now for an actual update

I’ve been doing well.  It’s odd finding out what normal is again.  I had been worse than normal/average to varying degrees since at least early 07!  Worse as time went on basically. I had a super persistant cough since late 07, went to the doctor about it in Jan 08 because it wouldn’t go away and had my first lump on my neck mid 08.  But anyway, even doing chemo I felt better than I did before chemo after a hand full of treatments but even after the direct effects of the chemo were gone (until the next one), I still wasn’t feeling actually good, just better than the terrible I felt before I started chemo basically.  Plus you can’t get any kind of rhythm going when 5 days of every two weeks suck (and not even specifically predictably suck, which day was the worst and actually how bad it was was fairly random).  Still trying to straight out my sleep schedule, going to bed early enough sucks but I’m doing it decently enough, it’s the getting up in the morning that sucks.  I feel slightly like an ass for complaining that I have to get up at like 8:30am or 9am, that’s sleeping in to many people, but I haven’t consistently gotten up at that time in at least a year and a half probably. 🙂  It also somehow sucks slightly more to live at home when you have to go to bed early and wake up early, I think it’s because there’s little to no time when there’s no one around.

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