last chemo completed, PET scan news

Well, Thursday was my last chemo, at least with this set of drugs and also total as long as these ones worked.  This weekend was one of the ones that suck a little less than others, so that was cool, was happy it didn’t end with a bang.  I had a PET scan today which I already got the results of, Dr. Dragon said they were totally normal.  So far so good, I have a CT scan tomorrow (well, technically today, since it’s past midnight but I haven’t slept and it’s dark, so that means it’s yesterday still… you get what I mean 🙂 ).

for a CT scan you have to take oral preporation meds and I forgot to pick them up Thursday and then forgot today all about them until about 8:30pm…  The oncology department closes promptly at 5pm, thought I was hosed.  I called the doctor on call, no one called me back, called again, left another message.  figured fuck it, and started driving to the hospital to see if I could wander around and get someone to give them to me.  Dr. Dragon called me back while I was driving to the hospital, it was 10:30 at this point, felt kinda bad, he may have been sleeping or something, no idea when he gets in in the morning or whatever, anyway he said to just take it in the morning as early as I could.  I ask if anyone was at the hospital then that could give it to me, and he goes, “hmm, maybe, the CT department may be open.”  All the regular doors for the hospital were locked, but they have an emergency entrance/area so that was open.  I was hopeing they had an emergency thing because then I figured someone had to be manning the CT area as well.  One of the ladies behind the counter called the CT area and they found me in the computer and said if I was willing to wait she’d track down what I needed.  Obviously I was willing to wait!  So ya, I ended up getting the stuff I needed.  Was really glad to get it.  Since I’m a clinic patient I’d feel extra bad if I had to miss a scan because they’d probably charge the clinic for it or at least be missing that money they should have, don’t want to waste the money they so generously allow me access to.

Last time I was dreading taking the Redi-Cat 2 ‘smoothie’ (I spelled dread like Judge Dredd again, wtf, my hands automagically type dredd every time I want to spell that word apparently) but it ended up being not too bad, last time it was berry which is usually not my favorite flavor but is decent, this time I got banana which I usually actually don’t like fake/candy flavor for banana but once again it wasn’t to bad.

Was having a pretty shitty evening, I was recharging the AC on my car, it’s had a slow leak since a couple years ago and was recharging it today and out of the blue a loud SHHHHH noise happened and a white cloud came squirtting out from under my car onto me basically. I jump out of the way and rand to take off the can and hose.  Not really knowing what to do I let it run a little more and it did a couple more puffs and then stopped doing it.  So my AC went from slow leak to catastrophic failure this evening.  Then I came inside to take a shower from the AC farting on me and realized I needed the preparation meds for the CT scan!  It was 8:30 by then.  Took the shower and then started calling like I said above.  When I decided to go to the hospital to see if I could track down someone to give me the shit, I went to pull on a sock and one of my toenails that I messed up a week and a half ago (the one that was much less bad) got caught in the sock and popped up slightly.  Hurt like a bitch and started bleeding again.  Fucking a.  But then I got to the hospital and got the meds and was happy, that was the thing I was the most pissed about anyway.  The other two were more of a shit happens situation, my toe will heal (eventually, if I stop fucking doing that!) and AC is really nice to have but not utterly essential and should be fixable.

Oh, and I mentioned my toes above, ya, about a week and a half ago I stubbed my toes (my fake middle finger toe, which I guess my mom calls your ring toe) and my middle toe and popped my toenail slightly up on my middle toe and popped up the nail big time on the other toe on one side and kinda tore down the front of my toe, it was weird how it did and it hurt like a bitch and was bleeding and all this.  Anyway, I put neosporin on it for a day or two but it started to look like it might be going down the route of being infected so I called Dr. Dragon and the doctor on call prescirbed some anti-biotics for me.  Of course as I was calling the Doctor I kicked something and popped the worst toe nail up again, bleeding and shit, it’s best to reset healing like that, makes things fun and interesting.  Anyway, that toe has been progressing pretty well, looking pretty good and never got infected.  My other two, tonight was the second time I’ve popped it up enough to make it bleed since it initially happened, gotta space it every 3 or 4 days, that way it won’t fully heal.  That appears to be the plan but ya, going to try and stop that, ’cause that’s bullshit.

Anyway, I should go to bed.  Just figured I needed to update here.

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  1. Reflex says:

    This is great, update us on the CT scan results…..then throw a party!

    Wish I could be there. I’ll be passing through in December, thinking Mel and I should stop by and buy you some of that great pizza on my way back.

  2. bLOB says:

    yep, will definitely keep you posted, haven’t received the results for the CT scan yet. Should get it Monday or may wait until Tuesday, I think I have an appointment with Dr. Dragon on Tuesday.

    And ya man, definitely have to stop by and at least grab a pizza. Especially since Mel was disappointed last time she came through Chicago.

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